Facials & Treaments

Here are what you can come to expect our the world class facials and treatments offered here at the Face Room. 

Face Room Deluxe - $85 (50 min)

This high performance treatment, exclusive to the spa, utilizes botanical, and aromatherapy based products. Each facial is meticulously customized to your skin’s unique needs, be it quenching your skin’s thirst, clearing unflattering breakouts or repairing sun damage and fine lines. Additional inclusions are: A dual hand décolleté and face massage. 


Signature Fitness - $125 (75 min)

For those who want the ultimate in pampering and refinement. The Signature Fitness Facial is combined with a custom Green Tea Peel. It delivers deep but gentle exfoliation paired with a mask for a difference you can see and feel immediately.


Ultimate Anti-Aging - $150 (80 min)

Designed to rejuvenate and restore the face, neck, décolleté, and hands, this treatment uses a gentle pumpkin enzyme exfoliation, followed by a lactic acid peel. These are then paired with masks rich in blue chamomile, marine-sourced elastin,  berry & yogurt extracts and anti-aging serums.


Crystal Clear Complexion - $100 (60 min)

Designed to target and eliminate breakouts in all skin types. Sufferers of hormonal acne, acne prone skin or just a bump here or there, this one is for you. Using a deep extraction method suited to purify and clarify the depth of each pore, and regulate the development of clear healthy skin! We will work together to create a plan to keep your skin free from blemishes.


Skin Brightening- $135 (80 min)

Composed of Green Tea, WHeatgrass, Eucalyptus, Citrus and Lactic acid, these ingredients deliver a triple level exfoliation to fade discoloration from sun damage, hormones, genetics and age spots. Face to chest exfoliation includes the use of a pumpkin enzyme mask for deep hydration and long lasting brilliance. Recommended for all ages.